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Sparkly Safety Stuff, VARIOUS

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$ 69.99

Listing includes: 

-Pepper Spray, Safety Alarm key chain, Stun Gun, First Aid Clutch

- BLINGSTING is the #1 gifted women’s safety brand and has been trusted by over 3 million women since 2013!

Peppery Spray Info: 

Safety Alarm Info: 

+ Ear-piercing siren delivers 125 decibels of sound to startle an attacker and signal for help with the push of a button + 12-volt 23 A battery is included and replaceable + Built in LED safety light + No TSA or travel restrictions, take it wherever you go + Easily accessible and looks super-cute when clipped on backpacks, purses, and keys 

Stun Gun Info: 

-BOX: + High voltage stun gun provides maximum stopping power + Stun gun shocks and sounds for immediate intimidation + Replaceable lithium batteries included + Attached wrist strap allows accessibility and protection against dropping the device

-TUBE: + Stun gun sparks and sounds for immediate intimidation + High voltage current produces painful electric shocks + Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable (charging cable included) + Slim, lightweight design is easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack + Bright, 90 lumen LED flashlight