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Meet the Girls

From left to right: Ashton, Harley, Rachel [Owner], Allie, Megan

I'm thankful to have a great group of girls to work for me and here are their beautiful faces. You will see them in our photos from time to time along with a couple other friends of mine who love to help as well!

If you need a size reference here are estimates in case you see us in photos on the website:
Ashton is 5'3'' and typically wears larges. 
Harley is 5'4'' and typically wears mediums or larges.
Rachel is 5'4'' and typically wears larges or XL.
Allie is 5'1'' and typically wears smalls.
Megan is 5'1'' and typically wears smalls. (graduated and moved away but still in some older photos!)

Not shown is my friend Jennifer who models often as well and is 5'10'' and typically wears smalls or mediums. 

To see more employees and more detailed information on our employees please visit our VIP group on Facebook and visit our Employee album! 
I hope this helps! We look forward to seeing YOUR smiling face in the shop! :)

Thanks, Rachel Smith {Owner}