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Pura Scent Refills, VARIOUS

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SantoriniMediterranean fig, red currant, amber, and sandalwood create a scent that will make you dream of the Greek Isles.

Volcano - The iconic, cult-favorite scent with the perfect blend of tropical citrus and sugary notes.

Blue Jean - Notes of white flowers, musk, patchouli, and a hint of crisp bergamot form a unique yet distinctly familiar, comforting fragrance.

Sunday Morning - Top notes of pear and bergamot float above a heart of jasmine and gardenia with a heady base of amber woods.

Havana Vanilla - Spice things up with Havana Vanilla! This delicious fragrance is filled with notes of vanilla and a hint of smoky tobacco, bergamot, and sandalwood.

Sweet Grace - With exotic passion fruit, sparkling tea and classic patchouli, Sweet Grace is undeniably warm, peaceful and pure.

Heirlūm Pumpkin - A fresh-from-the-oven baked pumpkin treat, with notes of warm vanilla, spicy cinnamon, nutmeg, and a drizzle of creamy caramel.

Simmered Cider - A simmering blend of freshly-pressed apple mulled with crushed clove, cardamom, and hints of bourbon.

Gingerbread - Gingerbread warms the heart and home with spicy notes of cardamom, cinnamon, crystallized ginger and hints of golden amber; it's a delectable effect that begs to be savored and shared. 

Winter White - Aromatic evergreen and frosted cypress are dusted with white peppercorn, spicy-cool cardamom, and a sparkling citrus nuance.

Highland Frost - Bask in the calm midnight air as a cooling blend of fresh sage, eucalyptus, and a touch of bergamot combine with woody undertones of velvet moss, patchouli, and glacial musk.

Frasier Fir - The aromatic snap of Siberian fir, heartening cedarwood, and relaxing sandalwood combine to create a familiar just-cut forest fragrance that evokes warmth and comfort.

White Vetiver - Cashmere, eucalyptus, and lilac entwine with earthy vetiver and sandalwood to form a truly sultry scent.

Coconut Calm - Welcome endless summer sensations with cool ocean breezes, dreamy island coconut, and sensuous vanilla bourbon.

Afternoon Retreat - Sink into a bed of soft moss, teak, sandalwood and amber as a light, refreshing breeze of bergamot and lime sweeps through the air.

Hawaii - Juicy pineapple and coconut combine with sandy shore breezes, ocean tides, cyclamen flowers, and just a hint of sugar cane. Aloha, Hawaii!

Peony & Silk - A secret garden of peonies joins pear trees, ripe bergamot, and cedar to create a scent as lovely as springtime in the morning.

Lavender Fields - This fragrance fills a space with the rejuvenating scent of lavender from Provence blended with essences of eucalyptus and pine.

Cashmere Sweater - This fragrance carries you through cold days and comforts you into tranquility with notes of frothed cream and sensual jasmine combined with warm woods and vanilla.

Maui Mango - Notes of sweet island mango and juicy tangerine swirl with blood orange and Hawaiian pineapple to take you on a fruity, exotic escape.

Signature Island Blend - Luscious and full, Signature Island Blend joins tropical fruits, sea jasmine, cedar, and island musk for a dreamy island experience.

Kiss in the Rain - A passionate mist of black currant, raspberry, and strawberry embrace a floral blend of soft rose and violet, making this fragrance our most romantic yet.

Salt - Warm citrus notes mingle with clary sage, freesia, and softwoods, creating a beautifully sweet and beachy scent.

Washed Linen - An intriguing blend of grapefruit, white pepper, and lavender create a scent reminiscent of freshly laundered linens.

Sea Salt Driftwood - Sea Salt Driftwood animates your open spaces with notes of bergamot, ocean air, and sea salt.

Desert Sage - Escape to arid abandonment and hazy blue skies with an earthy, herbal blend of sage, rosemary, and mesquite.

Blackberry Honey - Sweet berries drizzled in honey are swirled with a mouthwatering mix of caramel, vanilla, and maple for a fruity and delectable fragrance.

Stonehenge - Create an atmosphere of magic and mystery inspired by the alluring scenery of Stonehenge with notes of smoked cedar, bergamot, and amber.

White Tea - Refreshing notes of white tea, bergamot, and jasmine create a luxurious, spa-like experience.

Water Lily - Most effective at removing pet odors, this Open Air scent is a refreshing blend of sparkling bergamot, water lily, and dewy greens blended with soft musk.

Sea Salt Grapefruit - Sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit are balanced by a dew drop accord and tarragon for a fragrance like summer by the sea.

Welcome Home - Imagine coming home and hunkering down in your coziest chair with the warm, friendly scent of spiced cinnamon, plum and apple accords wafting through the air.

Signature Island Blend - Luscious and full, Signature Island Blend joins tropical fruits, sea jasmine, cedar, and island musk for a dreamy island experience.